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For your security we may make additional checks before acting on a particular request and may contact you to confirm your instruction. Register for currency internet banking. Find out more International Current Accounts. Check eligibility Is international banking for you?

Find out more and register Currency Internet Banking. For more information on ring-fencing visit international. Whilst our services will be available to many customers, there are countries where, due to legal or regulatory restraints, we cannot provide them.

Rules and regulations made under the UK Financial Services and Markets Act for the protection of depositors and investors, including the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, do not apply to the financial services business of companies within the Lloyds Banking Group carried out from offices outside of the United Kingdom.

Lloyds Bank International Limited. Registered office and principal place of business: Eligible deposits are deposits held by private individuals and charities. Depositor protection does not extend to corporations, small to medium sized enterprises, partnerships and trusts. Full details of the Scheme and banking groups covered are available on the States of Jersey website www. Lloyds Bank Gibraltar Limited. Registered in Gibraltar, no Regulated and authorised by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission for the conduct of banking, investment and insurance mediation business.

Details of the schemes are available on request. Please note that, in relation to banking services which we provide, you might not be eligible for compensation under a deposit protection guarantee scheme available in your country of residence.

If in doubt, contact your local banking regulator, visit their website or seek independent advice. Depositors may wish to form their own view on the financial standing of Lloyds Bank International Limited and Lloyds Bank Gibraltar Limited and their parent based upon publicly available information.

Lloyds Investment Fund Managers Limited. View our information on how to complain. Legislation or regulations in your home jurisdiction may prohibit you from entering into such a transaction with us. We reserve the right to make final determination on whether you are eligible for any products or services. Residents or Nationals of certain jurisdictions may be subject to exchange controls and should seek independent advice before entering into any transactions with us.

Things you should be aware of You need to have a current or savings account with us to use this service Correspondent and recipient bank charges may apply Penalties may apply, dependent on account withdrawal restrictions Lloyds Bank do not charge for Foreign Exchange services, however some Recipient and Corresponding banks may charge a fee for receiving payments Where payments involve moving money from one currency to another and the exchange rate has not been booked Changes in rates of exchange may occur and cause the value of the payment to go up or down.

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