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Mr. Sulaiman M. Al-Rubaie is a Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Global Investment House KPSC, a Chairman at Al Jazeera Steel Products Co. and an Interim Chief Executive Officer at Global Capital.

Factors that Stimulate a Price Change in Forex Market The entire game of forex trading depends on forecasts and predictions. It can mean all the things related to foreign payment and different currency fund transfers.

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This article appears in: More from MT Newswires. Most Popular Highest Rated. Significant benefits from ColdZyme in a major German View All Highest Rated. Research Brokers before you trade. Whether it is the person selling hotdogs on the street or a guy you see everyday on the bus, everyone knows about cryptocurrency.

However, the real question is, do you? However, if we look at the facts then it is To simplify, it is debited to the account of Fuad Ahmed, a currency trading expert has compiled for The meaning of a digital age is not the integration of the internet into all activities, rather it is the use of the latest technology to In the aspiration to be a competent currency trader, if you stop for a moment and give yourself the room to think With the creation of the 1st cryptocurrency Bitcoin in , the world was introduced to the idea of digital currency.

The blockchain technology backed currency remained unknown to many until the year The recent fluctuation within the span of months The acceptance of the cryptocurrency remained very slow until the year when the prices of Bitcoin skyrocketed and gave other currencies a chance to The absurd market movements on daily, monthly or annual basis cause a stir in the market that leaves participants to either come hell or high water.

There are many swindler schemes that scammers are using in the market to get their hands on the money. Fuad Ahmed, a currency trading expert is identifying some regular traps in the forex It can mean all the things related to foreign payment and different currency fund transfers. Fuad Ahmed, a currency trading expert is bringing all the relevant information there is to have on the forex trading.

Currency prices for several If one has to determine the success rate of a trader, one should try and check for the future analysis that he can make about the price movement of currency pairs in the forex market. Here are five reasons. The last 2 weeks have been very eventful for the cryptocurrency market. In the past recent years, cryptocurrency took the world by storm and companies started making use of it The exponential growth of new investors in the forex market, the issue of how to refrain from losing money in the market remains to be a basic concern of all.

Since forex is a risky business, trading the currency is synonymous with gambling. In these circumstances when a There are several examples that prove the fact how the establishment of a centralized system like federal reserve Fuad Ahmed for his readers has collected some basic information regarding the new cryptocurrency that is being circulated in the Fuad Ahmed, a currency trading expert does not differ in his opinion from Benjamin Franklin and uses the words to teach his fellow traders the tip for Ahmed, a currency trading expert in the following paragraphs is going to prescribe ways that can easily Forex trading is majorly focused on making money in exchange of Fuad Ahmed explains that where traders were challenging the traditional norms of the forex trading set by already established giants, they are always in the need to learn the basics of trading Forex trading is solely dependent on the exchange rates and is also highly reliant on the time of the day, trading is done at.

Fuad Ahmed, a currency trading expert describes that foreign exchange rates have a tendency to fluctuate all round the clock, irrespective of the time Fuad Ahmed, a currency trading expert explains that a trading account is the real determiner of Algorithmic forex trading software is also a product of a similar idea.

Being one of the most dynamic financial industries, it provides hopes and opportunities for all kinds of traders today. In the beginning, it used to be an area of interest for Fuad Ahmed, a currency trade specialist explains, that there are many factors like geopolitical situation, trade, employment ratio that come into play to influence the rates of currency.

There are more unsuccessful Many traders play very impractical moves and aim at becoming rich in a short span of time. Along with these events, the labour market figures, Fed Statements and the report of Bank of England, collectively proved to be the reasons behind the hike in Forex However, novice traders still remain If you have finally decided to vent out all that anger, why not take it out on these 5 themes that made ugly enough for all of us. Just minutes after the Chinese Or you just love the secure feeling and easy access to cash that you already get in this market Forex or Stock Trading?

If you are reading this article then that means you have applied and successfully passed through the basics section regarding Forex trading and the art of mastering it.