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With the Trendline Mastery course, all bases are covered, all practical applications are fully explained, and you will have no need to go on an information hunt elsewhere to .

There is no hassle. He began using the macro form of trading. Trendline Analysis is the single most powerful and versatile form of Technical Analysis available to traders, and yet the educational resources devoted to fully and properly fleshing out this topic are surprisingly limited. I have never seen anything like this available anywhere else. Luckily he knew this secret to trading success.

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With the Trendline Mastery course, all bases are covered, all practical applications are fully explained, and you will have no need to go on an information hunt elsewhere to .

But instead of being a mere recap of them, our new course really pushes the boundaries in terms of covering related concepts like Trend Channels which were not referenced in the AM Review service , and profiling numerous different profit-maximizing applications you probably have not encountered before.

Follow our Trendline Mastery Twitter feed: Put simply, nothing you can plot on a chart is both more purely price action-based and a more powerful indicator of directional bias than Trendlines and Trend Channels. Like Frank, I am totally committed to your success, and will do anything within my power to help you become successful in this market.

We will hold your hand every step of the way. Using Trendline breaks as entry triggers Special Application 2: Using Trendline take-profit targets Special Application 3: Using Trend Channel take-profit targets Get PDF copy of our detailed course outline here. Why a course on Trendline Analysis specifically?

There are plenty of ways to approach price action — what makes Trendline Analysis so useful? What level of experience must I have to be able to grasp the content? Do I need anything special in terms of charting tools to apply the concepts you teach? Is there one trading style e. Day Trading for which these methods are most relevant? Are you teaching a specific trading system here? What should I realistically expect to get out of this course? Do you provide follow-on support to your paying customers?

Is my access to the online course content time limited in any way? It is that good. One of my crowning achievements. Then eventually there is the Global Macro Trading section. This is one of the highest points of the order flow journey. There are many people out there who believe that order flow trading is just tape reading, or staring at a Level 2 screen or Depth of Market, or watching Time and Sales. That is just a tiny, tiny sliver of what order flow trading really is.

Most people don't know this, but Jesse Livermore was actually a macro trader. Most people think he was just a tape reader or day trader or scalper.

This is not true. That was part of his trading strategy when he first started, but he soon quickly evolved. Jesse Livermore started out as a tape reader, but he most certainly did not stay a tape reader. He eventually learned and made the most of his money from what is now called Global Macro Trading. He began using the macro form of trading. That was how he made most of his fortune. Livermore's greatest coup was the during the crash of That was in dollars.

Livermore had made such a huge fortune six decades before Soros broke the Bank of England. Because Livermore understood macro analysis. Unfortunately, Livermore was plagued with personal demons.

Throughout his life he went bankrupt way too many times. He pawned his wife's jewelry in order to get a trading stake again.

And in the end, he succumbed to the "black dog" of depression and tragically took his own life. Paul Tudor Jones is another macro trader. Because he understood market concepts such as liquidity, volatility, positioning, macro, etc. The Mastery Course teaches you how to reach, trade and prosper in the culmination of the order flow trader cycle - global macro trading. Learn to break free from The Myth that in order to do global macro trading, you need to know every tiny little detail about a country or stock.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I teach you how to identify the key elements in the market that actually matter. A lot of trading is about identifying the key elements that matter for the near future. If trading is like chess, then macro is like three-dimensional chess. It is just hard to find a great macro trader.

When trading macro, you never have a complete information set or information edge the way analysts can have when trading individual securities.

I can't say that order flow trading is perfect and has zero traps or rat races. There are various traps you can fall into. Everyone interprets things differently. Just like some traders fall into the technical indicator or chart pattern rat race, there are some order flow traders that enter what I call the Stop Hunting and Option Barrier Bubble.

They have tunnel vision where the only thing they think about are stops and option barriers. I was stuck in that bubble for several months and was desperately looking for a path to escape. I was looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. Well, Global Macro Trading offers you the elegant path to break free from the stop hunting and option barrier bubble.

You can get rid of all of them. You don't need any of them. They are probably adding to your confusion. I teach you the economic and trading principles that actually matter. You don't have to know everything. You don't have to know all the concepts in an economic textbook in order to succeed in trading. You would be surprised to know just how little some top traders know about academic economic principles.

That is the fabulous thing about trading. You don't have to know everything and yet you can still be successful and make as much money as you want You focus like a laser on the information that matters and disregard everything else. I have talked with traders who are genuine and have good concepts to build trading systems around.

However, they are spending a lot of time attempting to take advantage of trading inefficiencies that may not be around in a few months or in a year.

They could wake up one day in a few months or in a year and watch as all their hard work on their trading system was for naught because they focused on taking advantage of the trading inefficiencies which were not enduring. That is why one of my trading principles ever since my early order flow days was to make sure I was learning about, implementing the principles, of and designing systems around trading concepts that I knew were Enduring AND Scalable.

I don't just teach you techniques that will stop working after a few thousand people get their hands on the Mastery Course. With the Order Flow Mastery Course, I teach trading inefficiencies which have always existed, and which have a very high likelihood of existing in the future. These trading techniques are not just going to disappear. They are enduring and scalable inefficiencies that you can take advantage of as you grow your account, if you are willing to do the work to capture them.

You will learn once and for all the inefficiencies in the markets that are enduring and scalable. The inefficiencies that can never be taken away from you. The inefficiencies that you can take advantage of for the rest of your life. The inefficiencies that you can take advantage of as your account grows and grows and as you can place larger orders. I teach in the order flow mastery course that the Greatest Traders On The Planet do not derive their profit from the non enduring and non scalable inefficiencies.

The greatest traders know how to exploit the inefficiencies that will exist indefinitely into the future and which are scalable.

The greatest traders in the world did not make most of their money from the non enduring inefficiencies. All the news spike trading, forex broker arbitrage, forex robots, etc.

They didn't use any of that. The greatest traders tend to have made most of their money from enduring and scalable inefficiencies. I teach you the enduring and scalable inefficiencies in the financial markets.

These are the inefficiencies that the supercomputers at Goldman Sachs haven't found out about yet. They are the inefficiencies that the supercomputers and High Frequency Trading HFT algorithms can't find out about the market.

All of the top traders of the past such as Jesse Livermore, George Soros and Paul Tudor Jones have had the amazing ability to " read between the lines " in the news and information flow and know what is important. They have developed the skill to establish the critical connections and know how to apply it to trading and structure the great trades.

Throughout the Mastery Course I guide you through the process of gaining the amazing ability to read between the lines. Once you have put in the work to develop that skill, then no one can take it away from you.

George Soros's theories about the market finally explained! If you ever read The Alchemy of Finance , you know the book is not the easiest to read or understand how to apply it to trading. It is very difficult reading. Even Soros's protege, Stanley Druckenmiller, said that he "found the first chapter basically unreadable. The Mastery Course breaks trading down into the core principles of speculation and shows you how to apply George Soros's trading philosophy.

You will learn what inefficiencies Soros exploits, but also more importantly, what inefficiencies he chooses NOT to exploit. Soros chooses not to exploit certain inefficiencies in the financial markets. In fact, in the Mastery Course, you will see that Soros even admitted he isn't good at capturing certain inefficiencies! Then I reveal the dirty little secret that George Soros knows about.

If Soros did not know about this secret, then he may have failed as a trader and hedge fund manager. Luckily he knew this secret to trading success. I also reveal why George Soros can't break a central bank whenever he wants to. If you understand this lesson in the Mastery Course, then your fears about market manipulation and conspiracy theories will be banished forever.

Blueprints, habits, strategies and techniques that you can put to use within days of reading the mastery lessons. Universal principles for trading that worked exceptionally well years, and still are the most important trading concepts for the current trading moment. These principles can make money in up, down, or sideways markets.

In all of my trading experiences, it struck me that there is a "lost art" out there. It is the art of order flow, information flow and global macro trading. You can begin the transformation starting today. I don't teach order flow trading in some complicated way. There are some people that use fancy words and you struggle to understand them.

If you ever read some of the books on the recommended list such as The Alchemy of Finance or other ones, they can be really hard to understand. That is why I developed the Order Flow Mastery Course in as simple language as it is practically possible to teach the lucrative game of trading. You've heard it all right? About how the average trader can expect to blow a few accounts. About how the average traders is only expected to last a few months. While I would say the statistics are true, as if there are 5 million people trying to learn trading in a single year, not all of them can succeed.

The world cannot churn out 5 million new traders every year. They can't all make money. While those statistics may seem dour, there is hope. A gold mine that opens its doors everyday and invites any and all people in to plumb its depths and leave with wheelbarrows full of gold bars, if they can The gold mine is there all right, and I believe everyday someone plumbs its depths and when the bell rings at the end of the day they have gone from pauper to prince, or from prince to supreme potentate And it's always there, waiting.

You too can take advantage of the gold mine that exists everyday in the financial markets This Order Flow Mastery Course is as close as possible as I have ever come to the holy grail of trading.

And I am willing to share it all with you. I went there with nothing. You can go there with nothing and do whatever you want to do. I would just say that don't attempt to be a successful trader with nothing to help you. Don't tackle the last great frontier starting with nothing. Learn to trade with the Order Flow Mastery Course and you can do whatever you want to do. With the market foundations, principles, strategies, mindset in this mastery course, you can go wherever your heart desires.

Whether you want to just generate income from a small account, or whether you want to turn a small account into a large one, or whether you want to join the top tier of traders and run a hedge fund. Anything is possible with hard work, smart work, and access to the right information that you need. Trading courses like this don't come around too often. I haven't seen anything like this in my whole trading career. I have never encountered anything that explains the principles of speculation as I have explained them in the Mastery Course.

Nothing even remotely close to the Order Flow Mastery Course has ever before managed to find its way into the world. This type of information may only come around once in a years, so its a good idea to grab it while you have the chance.

This is a legendary trading course. It just might be talked about for years into the future. But it will not be available forever. Get it while you still can. A single decision - to choose to develop market beliefs and trading strategies surrounding the foundations of every market - things like order flow, liquidity, volatility, expectations, scenarios, global macro, etc - can change the course of a life. I speak to some people who have attended trading expos telling me about the hot new product they bought.

That shiny object they purchased. About the magic voodoo indicator they bought that they think will lead them to the promised land of Financial Freedom. It is all B. I know there is an explosion of technology happening, but going down the path of more computerization of trading signals is not the only path you have to take.

You DON'T have to become a quant geek. Which is why I say it's not time for technical indicator mastery. It's not time for chart pattern mastery. It is time for Order Flow Mastery. You don't need talent with this mastery course. With enough desire to learn and armed with the right information and market insights and strategies , you too can become a successful trader. The Mastery Course is in Digital Form. You become a member with a one time fee and gain access to all the Mastery Course Contents Online.

This course is 3 hours of video training with , written words in bite-sized lessons. It is as detailed as possible, yet since I teach you the principles of speculation, it is also as flexible as possible. It is so comprehensive because I have held nothing back. Every little nook and cranny of my brain has been picked and the trading insights shared with you. You may think it is a lot of reading. And there are hundreds of thousands of words. But it is easy reading. Paul Tudor Jones once said that to succeed from a trading perspective, it requires "an indefatigable and an undying and unquenchable thirst for information and knowledge.

This Order Flow Mastery Course is for serious students who want to learn and understand the enduring and scalable inefficiencies in the financial markets.

It is for serious people. Even if your not serious, you are still allowed to purchase it, and who knows, it may just transform you into a serious trader. It may light the fire of ambition and show you the shining light at the end of the tunnel. You won't need to use any technical indicators, chart patterns, price patterns, forex robots, or esoteric techniques.

You don't even need a Bloomberg Terminal or any fancy, expensive monthly services. You can use all of the techniques in the Mastery Course with zero monthly trading expenses. Another unbelievable value of the Mastery Course, is that it comes with a full year of access to me to answer questions.

Typically, at the end of each week, I answer the questions that come from my members through email. Many members tell me that they love the Mastery Course, but that the ability to ask me questions, far surpasses even that!

The value of having a great trader answer your questions as you progress through your trading journey for a full year and guiding you through, is not just enormous - it is priceless! I have seen many of my members progress through the trading journey. The quality of the questions they ask a few months after the Mastery Course, are leaps and bounds ahead of what they were asking before they enrolled in the Mastery Course.

It is really making me comfortable trading by leaps and bounds!! Looking back it's the best investment I've made in years. I haven't even looked at other forums anymore. You have seriously changed my life and my view on trading. If you decide to stay a member past the refund time period of 60 days, then you get access to the Hedge Fund Mindset Mastery and the Key Money Management, Position Sizing, and Psychology sections.

These are designed as extra learning material to take your trading to the next level beyond Global Macro Trading. I have written in the trading profit ladder that price action trading is better than technical indicator trading. And how the next level above that is order flow trading. And the next level above that is Global Macro Trading. It is the highest level of order flow mastery and deepest level of market thinking. Anyone can be a price action trader.

If you get lucky then they get exposed to an order flow form of trading. If you manage to get lucky and get out of the stop hunting and option barrier bubble, then you can enter the global macro form of trading.