Why Bladerunner Reversal Is the Best EMA Cross over Strategy


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Why Bladerunner Reversal Is the Best EMA Cross over Strategy

The Polarity indicator does not actually show this cross. On the other hand, the Bladerunner indicates this cross in the shape of expanding and contracting yellow band. In the case of Bladerunner reversal pattern, the price trades for sometimes with full strength after breaking out of a channel. Subsequently, the price halts, reverses in direction and moves through the Polarity indicator before it comes back and test the Polarity indicator from other direction once again.

The blue portion represents an Asian session in which price has failed at the daily central pivot indicated by yellow line early in the session and fell below a reasonably narrow band quite slowly.

Subsequently, price fell constantly and touched blue dotted line a weekly pivot before it stopped declining and reversing from a grey dotted line a round number. Afterwards price created another indecisive band at the end of this session.

At this point, a large financial surge occurred right to the round number from underneath of Polarity indicator. Price then moved towards the opposite end of Polarity indicator after it moved away from round number. The first of the two circles in the illustration represents first entry signal by indicating a bullish engulfing candlestick. The second circle represents a bullish engulfing candlestick pattern that is indicated by the white horizontal line and is closing over the current range and a quazi-morning star both of which indicate a further possible entry.

The Difference between Bladerunner and Bladerunner Reversal: There is a major difference between these two widely used strategies. In the case of traditional Bladerunner strategy, the trade moves in the direction of the trend after bouncing from the Polarity indicator where Bladerunner waits for the confirmation of the trend first.

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