X3: Terran Conflict


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That may be true in life, but X3: Gord Goble's review also spoke well of the game's content, simultaneously praising the gameplay and the depiction of the life of an entrepreneurial spaceman. Intel Core i5 k 4. I know you talk about that in your guide, but that is my feeling.

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X3: Terran Conflict is a stand-alone expansion for X3: Reunion. It is widely held to be the best game of the series. It is widely held to be the best game of the series. Terran Conflict uses the same engine as Reunion, but with an improved menu system, a yet bigger universe, and some new ship classes.

The M7M is widely regarded as somewhat unbalanced, as it is a long range artillery unit with no real weaknesses and enormous offensive power. The M8 represents a cheap way of taking down Capital ships and stations, which previously required an M2 and otherwise requires an M7 which, whilst still cheaper than an M2, is not cheap enough for early game players.

The TM is a freighter equipped to dock 4 or 3 fighters for defense in addition to hauling a reasonably sized load across the X-Universe. This makes the economy much faster. However, there are sections of the X-Universe where the economy at game start is dreadfully unbalanced and quickly gets taken apart by GoD , resulting in the potentially permanent loss of some equipment. Weapon variants have been axed completely in this game.

Many new weapons have been added; all Terran weapons and munitions, the Teladi ammo-based weapons, the range of available flak weapons is expanded, the range of Boron ion weaponry is expanded, and the availble missiles are expanded.

Since it's got spoilers anyway, I would suggest that many new players would find the location of a certain derelict Toucan to be very helpful. Reunion for the 3rd time. I was determined to learn this behemoth and start to get somewhere in the game. It explained the first few story missions and had a lot of the things you have in your guide.

Simple things that we veterans take for granted. I salute you and all those who have made guides of every kind for the X community. I still consult guides although now I mostly look at complex and station building guides, but still I appreciate all your hard work! Something like it got me into one of my top 5 games ever! Just read about the toucan and link. I just downloaded it and it worked for me. One of the biggest things that helped me was being forced to get in my Mercury and get selling E-cells.

If we give new players a ship, they still need to learn how to trade properly. I know you talk about that in your guide, but that is my feeling. Should get a place in the stickies hopefully. The number of assets the player can own is not limited by the game. Types of ships range from small scout ships equipped with light weaponry and shielding to large capital ships with various capabilities, which can be used for offense, factory construction, ware production or other purposes.

Combat can range from dogfights between small ships to large fleet battles involving many ships, small to large alike. There are several classes of weapons available for use, such as beam weapons, energy projectiles, ammo-based projectiles which must be kept stocked with the appropriate ammunition, various types of missiles, as well as mines.

Each ship is usually capable of equipping a wide array of weapons, usually limited by the constructing race and ship size. Several space installations are available to be built by the player. They can include factories, trading stations, stationary weapon platforms, and more. The player can also build a Headquarters, capable of many different tasks ranging from ware storage to ship construction.

Factories can be built basically anywhere in a sector, usually to provide income to the player through the sale of the wares it produces, or the production of wares directly for the player's use.

Wares can be bought from stations for a certain cost, and be either sold at another station ideally for a profit or to be used by the player. Certain wares are required at each type of station to produce the stations product. As an example, crystals are required at Solar Power Plants to produce its product; energy cells.

Basic wares such as minerals, food, and energy go through several stages of production at various factories to become more advanced products, such as weapons, satellites, and drones. Both plot-driven and generic missions are offered and take place in the universe itself, usually with some kind of reward for the player. Local events may alter the player's experience of the mission.

The majority of missions are not restrictive, and the player can perform normal activities after the mission has been accepted and may call upon any available property to help with the objective. As the game progresses, many more features are made available, such as connecting multiple factories to share resources, and training marines to board capital ships.

Centuries before the events of X3: Terran Conflict , the Terrans built their own jumpgate technology, which accidentally connected to an abandoned network of alien jumpgates. They colonized many uninhabited worlds, using robotic spacecraft called Terraformers to make planets suitable for human life. A software error caused the Terraformers to malfunction and they rampaged across the colonies, re-terraforming planets, killing the inhabitants.

During the last stand battle in Earth orbit, the Terraformers are drawn back through the jumpgate, which is self-destructed behind them, cutting Earth from the gate network. A small group of humans who led the Terraformers away continued to become the Argon race and the Terraformers evolved into the Xenon. The player can play the role of many characters.

If an alien is chosen as a character, the player must perform an additional mission to gain access to the Solar System. After the events of X3: Reunion , the Solar System is again connected to the gate network, albeit with different sectors and alien life present. The Terran race are far ahead of the other races technologically, but remain cautious almost to the point of xenophobia. Some Terrans begin to integrate with the commonwealth sectors and a dialogue forms between governments.

During a routine patrol in the Solar System, the player is called to battle in the Neptune system where Xenon are attacking. Using special beacons, they were able to jump deep into the Solar System without use of a jumpgate. During the battle, a small drone steals information from a Terran station and delivers it to an Argon ship in the Pluto sector which uses a jumpdrive to escape the Solar System.

The player is tasked with investigating the odd activity of the Xenon who appear to be under influence of the unknown character. The Xenon and pirate factions are found to be coordinating attacks to raid ships for valuable resources. New ships begin to appear which resemble the original form of Terraformers, attacking ships of the Boron race. The player aids the delivery of Terraformer wreckage to Terran scientists who deduce that these ships are remakes based on commonwealth technology.

Captain Robert Pearle, an undercover Terran operative has valuable information about the origin of these Terraformer ships but he has been discovered and arrested by Argon forces. The player meets up with fellow Terran agent Patricia Heywood to rescue Pearle from an Argon military sector. When Pearle has recovered, he accompanies the player on a mission to Split space where the Terraformers are rumoured to be built.

A makeshift mobile factory is discovered and captured by Terran forces and several Split scientists are captured. Under interrogation, one of the scientists mentions the name, Aldrin. Aldrin was a colony of the Terrans; established before the Terraformer war. The colonists managed to shut down their jumpgate and safeguard their Terraformers from the software error. Aldrin was presumed lost during the war.

A scientist from the original Terraformer project, named Martin Winters, had survived the centuries by cryogenically freezing himself in deep space. He rediscovered the existence of Aldrin and set to work to recreate the Terraformer project using the preserved Terraformers in that sector.