Vehicles in Focus: Begleitpanzer 57


After the cat leaves the box, the unit waits a few minutes while waste clumps in the litter.

Vehicles in Focus: VBL

The most interesting part of the vehicle, however, was its weaponry. In order to knock out enemy armor, the vehicle was also armed with a TOW missile launcher. Ammunition capacity consisted of 48 rounds in the two feeders in total the vehicle carried around rounds and 6 anti-tank guided missiles. The gunner could select between the two feeders each had 24 rounds. The prototype was never mass-produced as no potential buyers showed any serious interest in this vehicle.

The Bundeswehr itself refused the vehicle based upon the unclear military doctrine for its use and it was probably disassembled after some time. While lightly armored, its excellent mobility and its accuracy on the move will be very helpful.

Unlike the prototype, the ingame variant will be able to use the later supercharged Marder variant of the engine output was increased from to hp. The vehicle will be able to fire both the main 57mm gun using a wide variety of ammunition and the TOW launcher, making this light tank a deadly opponent in any situation.

Although somewhat fragile, the Begleitpanzer 57 will be able to deploy a smokescreen launcher to protect itself against its enemies. The vehicle is characterized by a very high sustained damage value thanks to high rate automatic cannon fire for its caliber and by excellent mobility. You will be able to play with the Begleitpanzer 57 during the Early Access 4 phase of Armored Warfare testing. Skip to main content. The Ramp provides a gentle entry for your cat and catches litter on the way out.

Great addition for households with small or elderly cats. Designed to fit in front of the. Open Air —the automatic self-cleaning litter box that really works!

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