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To be honest, anyone can master this, you don't need to know any maths or complicated formulas, it's all common sense if you really look at it. There were thousands of people following the competition each day. Here are some tips that might help you make the right decision: Remember, this is the same system that I won the Surefire Trading Challenge with System Rules Part 2 In this webinar, Cristina showed more trade examples related to the Scientific Forex system rules.


RoverNorth or no more than commonly known trading methods. The SFTC results for Cristina Ciurea are here , she got lucky on a couple of USDJPY large moves as the other trades are nothing special and so without those two large moves she would not even have been a runner-up, still the method may be useful to some, I'd only be interested in looking at a 5th of the price, so hopefully we'll get to know more once it's released and the details shared, I hate continuing to make marketing guru's such as Mark McRae any richer and will only take any promoted trading system seriously if real-time results were shown on a service like fxbook, especially when it's a high cost and all the hype and toys don't prove anything.

Originally posted by tutmosis View Post. Originally posted by lewisl View Post. Why sell a product that makes you money and expose your profitable strategy to brokers? I think it is still a good assistant for the analysis of the situation. In the picture are two variants of development of the situation. After completion of the green wave 2 upward movement may be in the green wave 3. In the second version the first red wave down ends in the green point 2.

After that, upward movement starts in the red wave 2. In both cases we suggest that the movement will go up after green point 2. This is the entrance to buy with low-risk. My template and indicators are in the archive. Hi Olexa, this looks interesting too but if I click at your link for download your page is in russian so no plan where the download link is Is it possible for you to make it easier for most of us and page in english please? After looking and listening closely to her videos, especially the one about how she prepares for a trading day it's clear that she has been 'scripted' to say the lines she has been given, which are not her words and indeed in my conclusion not her real occupation.

I base the conclusions of how she speaks certain words like 'Analyses' instead of 'Analysis'. A person of her supposed profession would have come across the english term of technical 'analysis' at least a hundred times in every day speak and in the European economic degree that is proported. So in my opinion the marketing and the current face for the product appears disingenuine. In regards to a claim helping a good number of traders via 'facebook' or emails, it's too much for her to do.

Old Tree Publishing for many years ever since they started with version 1 of their trading challenge. I can certainly validate that results were not repeatable for any of their most reputable traders for any of their top 50 trading systems, which they apparently 'fully disclosed'. After checking the trade logs of some of the best like RoverNorth, I discovered it won the competition by a single trend trade which was totally out of character for this scalping system, but had it not made that trade.

There were thousands of people following the competition each day. The first round was a demo round and the competition was fierce. Even though I was competing with some of the best traders in the world, I still managed to make After the dust had settled, the top 30 traders were selected to go through to the next round.

In this round, the accounts were live, so we used real money. In that round, I lead from the start and eventually, I made This was also one of the highest percentages anyone had ever won the competition with. Even though only a few people will ever see the priceless information contained in the Scientific Forex package, I have spent hundreds of hours on it.

You get this easy to follow, step-by-step system for a one-time payment. This could make you money too. You want to be up and running quick — right? This is probably the fastest way you can learn Forex in a safe environment. You just need to follow the step-by-step proven trading system. Remember, this is the same system that I won the Surefire Trading Challenge with During the competition, I used a live account, which you can verify above.

You get this same system. The Elliot Wave Theory. This is an introductory webinar where Cristina shows her program for the webinars to come, collects suggestions, then she answers common questions from support, and gives an analysis of the EURUSD.

In this webinar, Cristina shows how to setup the MT4 platform with the indicators and use templates. In this webinar, Cristina explains how to use the other indicators used in the Scientific Forex system: Take advantage of the special indicators that come with the Scientific Forex System.

In this webinar, Tudor explains the best ways to use the trade assistant and bonus indicators he created to help with your trades. Then Cristina shows how to identify candlestick patterns and use it when trading. She also answered some of the most common questions as well.

In this Webinar, Cristina discussed the importance of Money Managament and how to apply it in trading. She showed how and where to draw the channel lines and Fibonacci with her indicators. She showed where you can enter and exit a trade. She also answered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding her trading style. In this Webinar, Cristina discussed about major risks in the market, which are the following: