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I added the Currency Impulse to the Advanced Currency28 indicator and what a powerful combination - I have no need of a screen full of other indicators that I used in the past. When two currencies are a great distance from the zero line, they are likely to regress back to the mean. To be effective you need all 3 indicators, I have only 28 currencies and impulse and I only lose money most of the times if I follow the signals given by these. Now that I have calibrated my eyeballs and brain with CS Impulse

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The consistency and quality of the trading Raghee does is the best I've encountered since I started trading in Listening to Raghee describe her approach to the markets and watching her execute her trading plan is like getting to mind meld with a Super Trader. I don't know where to begin really.

Raghee Horner is that rarest of rare breeds. A brilliant brilliant teacher, a hugely successful trader who shares her book with us all so we know how often she calls it right, trades with us all, advises us, explains it to us, and transforms the way we all trade.

Simply a stunningly good teacher. I understand so much now, and especially I also understand myself better - and can control myself better - so win far more than I lose. And believe you me that's because this Raghee works magic. She's been trading over 20 years. You could fit what she doesn't know on the back of postage stamp.

And such good fun to spend time with every day. Seriously good sense of humour, so she could almost be English. Totally committed to her clients. So thank you Raghee. You've changed my trading abilities beyond recognition. Raghee is giving me a lot of new information about markets and how to trade.

Raghee is an excellent trader and teacher. She is an honest, open book. You can see her trades and learn techniques clearly and simply. She is a very committed professional, who is good for all New or Experienced traders. Raghee's guidance is excellent. Being new to fore trading have relied heavily on Raghee's guidance which is excellent.

I absolutely feel like I got my money's worth already after only ONE session! Wouldn't survive forex without Raghee. I cant say how happy I am to have joined you and SF. I am learning so much and started to make money from day one I joined. SF provides unmatched learning resources for the to-be career trader. You usually start seeing the CEO of the company on the front page of major magazines as the Person of the Year.

Traders and investors start coming up with ridiculous reasons to buy the stock and try to choke you when you disagree with them. This is when the stock becomes the most overpriced. Contrarians start shorting the stock which starts the ABC pattern. Simply put, there will always be one wave that is longer than the other two, regardless of degree. As time went by, this old school style of wave labeling has changed because more and more people started labeling the third wave as the extended one.

Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. I have been using it for a few months, and I am more and more unable to leave him. He is the only reference indicator for my foreign exchange. Este indicador en conjunto con el ACS28 me estan ayudando bastante. Por el momento estoy practicando en demo y aprendiendo mas acerca este sistema.

Tambien es bueno destacar la rapida respuesta de parte de Bernard. Just bought Currency Strength 28 indi several days ago and supposed to try it without CS Impulse for start. It's a big mistake. I understood it fast and bought Impulse indi several hours later.

And trades gone much better, without any mistakes in entries. I use default settings in both indicators and they work perfect for me. I just started and tested it on a few trade. My goodness it is really profiting lol It is better to have it with currency strength.

Bernhard's support is great. I put a 5 stars for now. Sure I won't regret. I am a 65yr old engineer. I began MT4 fx trading 4yrs ago. I have settled down using They are just tools to be used for the rest of my life. I highly recommend them for both beginners and advanced. I purchased and use both the CS28 and CS impulse. They go together in my trading. CS Impulse is the canary in the coal mine. CS28 is the currency strength information center.

I no longer stare endlessly searching for unusual candle size or patterns, levels or unusual activity on my screen. That the job of CS Impulse I though the price was a bit on the high side after deciding to buy CS28 then realizing CS Impulse would enhance my trading experience. CS Impulse is great education. Now that I have calibrated my eyeballs and brain with CS Impulse I hope to be able to buy Advanced Dashboard in the future and let my Currency Impulse expire.

The overall system is really impressive. I use all 3 of his indicators. For the entry signals created by this indicator, my personal opinion is, that the ACS28 gives better one. But nevertheless a great indicator. Recommend using all 3 of them. Currency Impulse indicator is very profitable and useful when a trader need to catch the right timing for trading the '' right '' currencies. It spots easily and correctly the Impulse and helps a lot. The support from Bernhard is also 5 star.

The best indicator to spot market volatility accelleration and entry point, beautifull package to use with other Bernhard products. Impulse is the perfect extension for ACS Giving you the power to spot possible trends as early as possible. As with Advanced Currency Strength meter, value constantly being added to improve the indicator.

Combined a very powerful suite of indicators. Fantastic indicator that helps you to detect the big movements early. I have bought many indicators over the years unfortunately but this is one I actively use now and helps me greatly in seeing what currencies are active.

This indicator is amazing, Bernhard knows what he is doing and he provides the best support for his products, when you come IMPULSE with AC28 you have a complete manual system, keep up the good work Bernhard, I have more profitable since using this indicator!!! This indicator is very nice, though should be used together with ACS One needs to study the rules and practice.

I find it generally helpful and also very profitable in scalping at red news release. Bernhard offers excellent support, always willing to help. High accuracy currency power indicator, use ACS28 together before enter a trade to get a higher win rate. I am a newbie in the forex and I tested a lot of indicators and I am on the side of losses trade! I again asked Bernhard who answered by mail several times, quickly and courteously knowing that everything was already explained many times!

Tomorrow Monday, April 8, I start my trade quietly having understood what was largely explained and that I read in the patient mails of Bernhard and finally in the articles of the blog and post. I have not seen this elsewhere with this level of relevencec is why I recommend this product to be in positive trade and I leave this post while I do not take the time to do it generally. I use this indicator with the CS28 and it is excellent.

I have had such good deals with this in combination with the CS28 indicator. Best money spent on the MQL Market. All of us want the pair to have movement and don't want to sit in front of the screen waiting for the currency to make the move. Impulse is the only indicator that I have used that helps me with that. Many times the signal shows out almost was the end of the trend, It should be used SR indicator to filter the false sugnal.

Cant focus on screen on every time to get whatever bullshit gap impulse. I am regret i paid him 58 USD. Great support, Bernhard answered all my questions before I rented this indicator. In my pass trading experience, I usually buy high and sell on the bottom, always catch the end of the trend, but this indicator allows me stay with high probability trend which is amaze me: I have used many of the currency strength indicators that are available for MT4.

Most provide point-in-time numbers that reflect the strength of the eight 8 individual currencies. The strategy is to pair a strong currency with a weak currency, thereby identifying a currency pair that is likely to move in a particular direction. However, like all indicators, currency strength indicators are lagging … they tell us about the past. When you look at a chart, you can see the result of price movement based on past strength and weakness.

Even though currencies might be strong or weak, the move on the particular time frame you are looking at might be over. The Advanced Currency Strength 28 indicator is different than all the others. It shows us the past in graphical form. While there are other indicators that track currency strength over time e.

Bernhard has continuously updated this indicator based on feedback from his customers. At this point in time, the current version available on MQL5 is outstanding.

Angle of currency strength change is very important, as is the distance from the zero line. When two currencies are a great distance from the zero line, they are likely to regress back to the mean. Alerts are built into the indicators to tell you when currency strength and weakness are at the extremes.

This is typically a retracement or reversal trading opportunity. ACS28 can be used on any time frame. There is also the ability to show two or more ACS28s in separate windows of the same chart — one for the current time frame, and one for a higher time frame. When the two time frames are in agreement, the trade is more likely to be successful. I like to use the next timeframe up. With M5, I also show M Impulse is like an early warning alert. Seeing these alerts on the chart is very helpful.

For those who use Ninja Trader 7, the vertical line alerts are like Bloodhound racing stripes. There are third party providers who make indicators that work with ACS There are trade opportunities when one currency has the golden angle slope or steeper and a second currency is flat a single GAP. One can expect the greatest momentum when two currencies have the golden angle slope in opposite directions a double GAP. It provides racing stripe alerts on the chart when the difference between the angles of two currencies are greater than a user defined amount.

These can work in conjunction with the racing stripes provided by Advanced Currency Impulse.