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Sep 04,  · The first thing I want you to do is to open a Demo Account with Forex, Online Currency Trading, Forex Trading, Currency Trading - CMS Forex and download their VT Trader Trading Platform and open the 15 Minutes GBP/USD Chart. I shall be explaining the ZTL System on this Chart.

General spirit of this rule: I have nearly 20 systems that worth looking. However, today trading platforms are no longer just for trading forex, stocks, or futures; instead, multi-asset offerings are now industry standards among all the largest online brokers. Greetings, These are what I want you to do.

The ZTL Forex Trading Method !

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Fortunately I am amongst the Lucky Ones. I used to be a small shop keeper in Fes, Morocco and now, thanks to Dr.

I am also into the Property business with the income from Forex Trading. I travel to France and UK with my wife, my wife shops at Harrods in London, the most expensive shopping center in the world. We have a saying, Buy Expensive and Cry once only, buy cheap and cry all your life. This is the case with Dr. They are expensive to buy but highly profitable. Another point I would like to clarify is about the posting of charts in the members area.

It is clearly mentioned that these charts are not the actual traded charts. These charts are there for the benefit of the members to show them how best they could have traded.

I have an advice for those losing traders. Its all about your MindSet. Explore Google and search for Mind Sciences and you will soon learn how to change your Negative Thougts into Positive one. Positive mind creates wonders in one's life. Why don't you post your REAL time trading record? I'll tell you why.

Because you don't have one. Spare me the junk that you don't want someone to hack your account. You can blank out your name and account number. ZTL is a system developed for Professional Traders.

You need a system to Trade daily, not to wait in front of your computer for a certain pattern to develop before you can enter the Market.

Sometimes these patterns are not there for days. No Sir, you don't want to wait that long, You have to earn your daily bread.

With ZTL you can trade daily without fail and earn a decent income. ZTL is developed specially for those who want to give up their jobs to become Professional Traders. It can be well implemented by both the Newbie and the most experienced Trader as well. ZTL Method does not use any indicator at all whatsoever. You may ask then how am I going to trade? Well, this is where ZTL comes into action.

I will show you when, where and how to use the ZTL. Look at the Charts below: Check it out Here. By applying the ZTL Method, we made pips.

Some days we do get Sideways or Ranging Market. Here is an example of such a Trade with ZTL. On Tuesday the 12th of February we made a loss of 5 pips in our first trade and then we made two Profitable Trades of 23 pips and 47 pips respectively. It is nothing like you have ever seen before! ZTL will revolutionise your trading. Volitality Expansion Breakout EA. There are so many systems out here based on indicators and it takes so much time to go through all of them to see which one deserves merit.

However most are indicator based and lagging indicators make it difficult to really simplify trading decisions and get consistent results. In the meanwhile I want to order a new EA here on volatility breakout system which has simple entry exit rules. The best thing about Modification of EA personal job. As we have discussed in the chat, find the EA attached and go ahead to modify it as per the instructions i will give you.

Let me know in case of anything. Let me know how much timeline you need to do this job. I am okay with up to 7 days for a good piece of code. I want make a ea with order modification and martingale strategy.. At one time it can modify all buy trade and sell trade given pips..

More details contact me amilanga gmail. Self sufficient EA Trading robot with suitable indicators. Minimal loss, andhigh proficiency ant all time.

Please see the ea link. Expert Advisor based on Candle reading personal job. A Forex Auto Bot developer needed. Greetings, These are what I want you to do. Traditional 1 minute time frame admin should be able to adjust accordingly Ztls