Sniper Forex v2 – trading system for H1


Casey’s Trade hedge system By Chong Kwang Chyen (Casey) System Overview: Markets Traded – Forex – 14 pairs which will be described below Charts – H1 Charting Software – MT4 Brokers that allow hedging and leverage up to or above Indicators – Multitimeframe Pivot Point (optional reference) Buy All.

You will continue to execute failed trade after failed trade, and will wind up getting frustrated and angry — at yourself and the market. Their lose-to-win ratio is heavier on the losing side, but they still manage to remain afloat and make money from their trades. Positive thinking powers you potential to succeed.

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Trading strategy Sniper Forex v2, like any other, can be used on a real forex market only after are received consistently good results on a demo account. Then immediately invest in your site, company, whatever the hell. Cause this is awesome. You guys are doing a great job here giving us these awesome templates. How are this strategy going Josh? Daniel, can i not use it with a TF of H4 or higher?

Also let me know can i use it with different currency pairs or US Commodities? Theoretically it is possible, but in practice I did not use this system at higher TF. Will be waiting to hear from you.. Have a good day! Daniel, I still not tried downloading any of these. Are these works from yours absolutely free?

Thanks… sincerely from losing trader, jason. Hi Daniel, Can you update the indicator where it will take profit if you have sell position when the blue bars appear on indicator A and B automatically and also take profit when the red bar appears on the idicator A and B when you have a buy position? If you have any other indicator that does this taking profit automatically when the trend changes direction kindly share the link. It is what it is. Hello and thanks for sharing! Tested on my real M30 for 1 month good system.

I modify the signal to trade on M I suggest to use indicators from 15pips and extreme but I wont tell which one. Allow them to come and go likes the waves of the ocean, but do not allow them to influence your attitude towards forex trading.

Visualisation is a powerful mental tool that can easily shift your mind-set from negative to positive. Visualise yourself on the trading platform, placing positive trade after positive trade. Imagine that your results are consistently positive and that your forex trading account balance is getting bigger and bigger. Imagine the way that forex trading has changed your lifestyle for the better, enabling you to do and see amazing things on a daily basis.

Negative thinking is bad news for anybody, but when it comes to trading forex you need to realise that the sky is truly the limit if you set your mind to it and shift your mind-set. The evolution of forex trading has been an incredible, influential and inspiration one.

What was traditionally reserved for the rich and famous is now something that your average Joe can access with absolute ease. Gone are the days when you need tens of thousands of dollars to get started in forex.

Today, you can open a micro trading account and get started for next to nothing. Better still, you can set up an Expert Advisor and leave the trading system to do all of the hard work for you. Many traders veer towards Expert Advisors as a way to tackle the market without having to do anything.

The lure of programming an EA to trade on your behalf is very enticing. Simply programme the software with your trading strategy, attach the EA to the trading platform and leave it to work its magic. No human interaction necessary, no intervention, just keeping a casual eye on things to make sure everything is ticking over smoothly. Many Expert Advisor softwares promise to make you rich almost overnight.

This is far from the truth and making money from forex trading requires hard work, dedication, persistence and commitment. Yes, you can program them based on your trading strategy which prevents them from trading under conditions you are not comfortable with, but the software is unable to recognise other, non-numerical circumstances.

For example, what happens in the event of a terrorist attack? The market is going to go crazy, responding to this political disaster and becoming incredibly volatile. It simply trades away based on its pre-determined trading conditions. In the event of a terrorist attack the chances are that a human trader would immediately pull out of a trade. The human trader can react to specific circumstances, amending his trading plan slightly to eliminate losses. Without passion, there is no energy, enthusiasm or hope.

Life is not as easy as putting things on autopilot and hoping for the best. If you want to be successful in life you need to give it your all, believe in yourself and fill yourself with passion.

Why rely on a machine to make you rich when you can put your heart and soul into achieving this yourself? You feel more than ready to take this challenge by the horns. Before you write up that resignation letter and quit your job, take a step back, breathe in deep and exhale. It would be foolish to quit a fulltime position now in the hopes of establishing your career as a trader. It takes time, effort, energy and commitment to become a fulltime trader and this is a gradual process that needs plenty of patience amongst other skills.

Choose currency pairs that are active outside of your normal working hours. Be organised so that you analyse and trade at the same time each week, meaning that you are fully prepared the moment you enter the trading platform. And remember, always put quality over quantity. This is because that individual is making the second biggest forex trading mistake they could possibly make. Instead, you need to focus on executing a solid trading strategy that you have mastered to a T.

As with most things in life, less is definitely more. With regards to forex trading, the less you trade the more you can concentrate on each individual trade you execute, making sure that those trades are of the highest quality. You will execute each trade with utmost tact, deliberating every single move before pressing the button. It can be difficult to draw the line between regular trading and overtrading. Overtrading is dangerous because it is essentially a form of gambling.

The ultimate way to overcome overtrading urges is to have a solid forex trading plan. Reverently following a plan activates the right-thinking, logical side of your brain which eliminates your chances of trading on a whim. It also reduces your chances of experiencing stress and other emotions on the trading platform.

A forex trading plan is a critical component of your long-term trading success. Yes, you may follow the markets avidly and perform in-depth technical analysis, but without a plan all of this easily goes out the window as you become inundated with various emotions. An effective trading strategy is also a vital weapon on the trading platform.

In combination with your trading plan, you will be simply unstoppable. By learning to control yourself, you will learn not to overtrade. You will continue to execute failed trade after failed trade, and will wind up getting frustrated and angry — at yourself and the market.

This is because your frame of mind is set on achieving negative results. The best thing to do is to step away from the trading platform temporarily. The important thing is that you calm yourself down and shift your frame of mind back to positive.

Positive thinking is a great way to tackle the market and come out the other side a better, more accomplished trader. Though positive thinkers experience highs and lows, profits and losses, these individuals possess one unique attribute that has helped them to trade for longer: When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you need to do is take a few deep breaths in , hold your breath at the top, and take a long, withdrawn exhales.

Say it with integrity and enthusiasm, promoting yourself as a brilliant trader. This is another great way to start your day on a positive note. From here, you then need to take note of your thoughts.

What you need to do is take a step back from those thoughts, observing them as they come and go, remaining completely detached from them. Catch yourself every time you have a negative thought about forex trading. Positive energy breeds positive energy, so reach out to others when you are feeling pessimistic about trading.

There are so many successful traders out there who have changed their lives from changing their attitudes about the world. Positive thinking powers your ability to succeed on the trading platform.

Do your utmost to welcome rises and falls on the foreign exchange market as opportunities to succeed. Learning to deal with difficult situations, instead of turning away from them, will work wonders for how you think about yourself, others, and most importantly, your trades.