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I have submitted all the required proofs and following up for many days but no one is responding or helping to reversed my money. Data reports can stir up a market and get prices moving. Always provide good customer crae service in world wide. In all us how to make money in gta 5 online on ps3 nearly had destroyed forty of clairvoyance.

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Dear Sir, I had requested for a new HDFC Forex Card as I was planned to travel to UK from 18th May to 3 June. The application for a new card was done on 10th of May.

Most of the trading activity takes place on the major currency trading pairs which pit the US dollar against currencies of countries such as the UK, Switzerland, Japan and of course countries within the Eurozone that have adopted the Euro as their currency. Next are smaller banks, hedge funds, pension funds, retail FX market makers together with large corporations. What Affects Currency Rates? The question of what affects currency rates is a common one. Forex is no different to any other market in that information is the key driver.

There are many cross-currents affecting currency rates at any one time, after all the forex market is setting the value of one currency pair against the other so at a minimum you are looking at the themes affecting two major international currencies. Currency rates are affected by a mix of both fundamental data and technical analysis but like in any market trader psychology and market sentiment play a role too.

Data reports can stir up a market and get prices moving. Interest rates Monetary policy Economic data reports International trade and investment flows Technical Analysis: This type of analysis is especially important to traders in the foreign exchange market due to the large volume of fundamental information released.

Traders use technical analysis to refine their trading strategies with some even use technical indicators alone. In this example the spread is 3 pips. The only exception to this is the Japanese Yen which is quoted only to the second decimal point. Profits and losses in forex trading are calculated by the movement of pips. The example below using an exchange rate of 1. The leverage available to investors within forex market is the highest available when compared to any other investment market.

Within the forex market it is common for brokerages to offer Sincerely appreciate an urgent call on this to take the details. My Details Sanjeev Mahajan Return of Hotel Deposit on 24th May the hotel has reverted the deposit amount which not yet added back to my card. Can you please tell me how many days will it take. This is purely an error from HDFC bank. I have submitted all the required proofs and following up for many days but no one is responding or helping to reversed my money.

I escalated to till Level 3 but no single email response from them. I guess they will earn interest in my money and enjoy for long days. ATM machine kept on rolling and finally 'Transaction Cancelled' came on the screen.

Sometimes they say it will take 9 more days, 11 more days. Its very frustrating, I am in urgent need of money in this new Country. I haven't used the card since and I have forgotten the pin and User ID. The contact details that I had provided were of my previous Vodafone no. So the message the site sends as I am not even getting my security question right is going to my previous no. I need my money ASAP.

Please do not reply back to this e-mail. For any queries or clarifications E-mail us by visiting www. Finally II'm planing to raise a cyber crime complain on this ATM Withdrawal failed but amount debited Hi. The ATM couldn't withdraw cash however, the amount was debited from my account. I am now stuck here with no money and I need urgent help. Hotel deposit return I had paid my hotel deposit from my forex card and the hotel processed my refund back in the forex card number.

Would I get it back? And if not what can I do now. And if yes how long would it take? I could get the cash and the amount is deducted from my account, How can I proceed further? The ATM showed it couldn't dispense money,and there was an error.

I tried to withdraw money once more and now it said that I dont have sufficient balance I went back and found that my balance was deducted but I got no cash. My account had been deducted by dollars.

I still have the receipts showing the error of the atm machine. I dont have much money on me I kindly request you to look into this matter urgently. I am attaching both my receipts from my first and my second transaction.

I am using a HDFC forex card for the transactions here. Please take necessary action to credit my money back. Not able to do online transaction Hi, I am not able to do onlone transaction with prepaid corporate forex card.

Every time it comes transaction declined from issuer. Look into this issue ASAP. Please reply to tamal. This is a worst service I've never faced with any other bankers. Terrible service I have a forex card a have lost my pin number. Hence I sent the department an email.

No action and no reply. I called the contact centre and associate did not know anything about it. She kept placing me on hold after every half a minute with even informing me and after placing me on a long hold she disconnected the phone.