The RVI Brake 2 ABS Auxiliary Braking System is the most advanced and easiest to use auxiliary braking system on the market.

Newer Post Older Post Home. They also have optional remote dipole antennas on an extension cable if you have any issues with wireless transmission, Just replace the stalk antenna and hang the little dipole over the car rear view mirror it's only about 3 inches across.

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A towed brake system is designed to activate the towed vehicle's brakes along with the motorhome's brakes to stop both as proportionately as possible. This prevents dragging brakes, as well as preventing the towed vehicle from pushing on the motorhome in a .

RVI was one of the first companies to adopt the concept of Single Responsibility Services, thus bringing various aspects of the project under one contract to maximise accountability. Because we take responsibility for engineering design, product manufacture, supply, construction management and fixing, we guarantee the performance of the finished product and its components where and when they matter most — in situ as a working entity.

Gravity ventilation systems are an essential part of the buildings functionality. Their specific function is essential to the building envelope, the system clears fumes and heat from within the building ensuring a safe working environment.

Each system is designed to meet the individual requirements of a specific structure, and because our systems have been independently designed, our clients can depend on the knowledge they will function as predicted when in place.

Our ventilation systems function optimally because RVI has the ability to predict their intended installed performance in advance.

We have a complete set of air inlet and outlet systems from which to build ventilation systems for your project. Contracts RVI was one of the first companies to adopt the concept of Single Responsibility Services, thus bringing various aspects of the project under one contract to maximise accountability. Video Scope Sales Tags: A full range of high resolution, very portable, easy to use borescopes. High resolution remote visual inspection images courtesy of CCD camera chip technology, super bright LED illumination, all-way tactile articulation, image capture and video recording directly to SD card, 3x zoom, comparison measurement, 3 hour internal rechargeable battery or mains power supply.

A truly remarkable portable video borescope system. Specifications Operating unit Display size: Real-time operating system, with on-screen menu User interface: Composite video-out BNC Power supply, primary: Factory default or user defined AGC level gain control: I would bet the electronics and software are in all of them and you are basically paying for it to be activated, plus the tire sensors.

That's not a criticizm - it's the most cost effective and smart way to do it. I just personally feel they are charging way too much for the option. They have a unique opportunity to set a new price point in tire monitoring and sell a lot more of them - including the brake system.

Tire monitoring systems are becoming more commonplace technology. Some of the newest and lowest priced systems have the most and best features. This is an optional addition to the brake system and only monitors the toad tires so far - give 'em a few months is my guess. I compared all the portable brake systems. I talked to the designers and was very impressed I'm an engineer what can I say? I pre ordered, so we have one of the very first production units. We are very pleased with it. No bugs or problems with the equipment.

Their customer support has been amazingly good. Just used my RVi Brake 2 system and couldn't be happier. Did a lot of research and decided it was bet for me. There are many systems available ans each has different features one positive some negative but for a remote system this one seems to be be best. I echo the comments about the excellent customer service. I tow a Chevy Malibu so I had to use the custom stop plate that came with the system. I had a lot of trouble installing it and contacted RVIBrake for help.

Sam at RVIBrake worked with me and he absolutely went the extra mile to help. I am very pleased with the end result and just can't say enough good things about their customer service. The system is so much easier to use than the Brake Buddy.

Just plop it in place connect it to the brake pedal, plug in the electric and push the button. Self adjusting and practically worry-free; Light weight and easy to handle. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? Posted May 17, Has anyone had any experience with the RVi braking system?