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I had the same issue. But I solved it by moving the lib folder and adding all the jars again in the build path. I got the same problem. I downloaded the jar and added it to the build path, but I didn't notice that the extension was. I again converted it to. It solved my problem. It's a very silly mistake but I wrote it here in case it could help someone.

If you are working with Maven and have this problem, check the repository server for example nexus server , if the artifact is there. Sometimes, they can change the name of the artifact and you try to get the artifact with its old name. Resolved by linking the source. From the explorer right click on the project, select properties, select Java Build Path, select Source from tabs, press button "LinkSource".

And specifying the folder to add to the project. With me it helped changing the compiler compliance level. For unknown reasons it was set to 1. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

The problem is that, for each import of an Hibernate class, Eclipse says: If it worked and they don't now, see dogbane 's answer below Try cleaning your project by going to the following menu item: If that doesn't work, try removing the jars from the build path and adding them again.

Try selecting an "alternate JRE" in the project properties. Clean also worked for me. What exactly happens everything just went bonkers all of a sudden and how does Clean help? This solved the problem also for me; it is not an hibernate project, but a libGdx one, calling my java imports and not jars.

Same wondering of SabreRunner, and also: Broke my head whole the day until did what you said Worked for me too. Its super frustrating when the contextual help menu is finding your class and hand typing the same import above the ones marked "cannot be resolved" and no errors Bozho k I've already tried this more then once: