List of foreign exchange bureaus in Uganda


List of foreign exchange bureaus in Uganda. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This is the list of licensed foreign exchange bureaus in Uganda: Access Forex Bureau 1A - Muyenga X Forex Bureau 1, 2, 3 etc Denotes institutions with same names but with separate registrations and licenses.

It is advisable to count your funds before leaving the window of the forex bureau and to request a receipt. Never exchange currency with an unauthorized "dealer," even if the exchange rate is favourable, as counterfeit currency is not uncommon. Outside of Accra, forex bureaus may be located in the major cities or Regional capitals, and some larger hotels may assist. Often those at the larger hotels do not offer the best rates when buying Cedis, but they generally have better rates when selling Cedis. Copying information without consent is prohibited.

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Bank of Ghana - The Central Bank of Ghana.

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